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Posted on May 3rd, 2023 at 3:55 PM
Attorney Salvatori was retained over a year ago to represent a young woman charged with five counts arising out of the tragic death of her roommate from a drug overdose. Several other individuals were also charged and ultimately convicted of felonies, with lengthy prison terms.

The DA tried to browbeat our client into taking a plea deal that would have been an admission of drug use etc, and would have implicated her in the circumstances surrounding her roommate’s death. Lengthy probation or even prison would have been the result. To her credit, our client held firm.

Aggressive discovery, motions and pre-trial practice revealed the Commonwealth’s case to be extremely weak. On the eve of trial the Commonwealth essentially caved, agreeing to a plea of disorderly conduct. The sentence? A $50.00 fine.

Many thanks to my law practice assistant, Mike Stussi, who worked tirelessly to process a mountain of paperwork on this case.

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