The Small Firm Advantage

We had a case recently where our client was collecting work comp benefits under what is called a Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable.  That means that, within 90 days of the injury, the carrier can stop payments and issue a denial.  It is then up to the injured worker to file a claim petition for benefits. Our client returned to work but then their doctor took them off work again and we asked the insurance company to start paying him again. They never responded. Client contacted us on a Sunday night to inquire when he would get paid.  We immediately went to the online work comp website and discovered that the carrier had issued the necessary paperwork to stop benefits and had issued the required denial. 

In a big firm what probably would have happened is that a paralegal would have discovered this perhaps on Monday.  Then sent a memo to the senior attorney.  They would then have sent a memo to the junior attorney. A file review would have been conducted.  More memos issued. Perhaps a committee meeting. Maybe a week or two later a claim petition would have been filed.  Thus delaying the injured worker, with no income, even longer.

Our firm?  Claim petition was e-filed within minutes that Sunday night, assigned to a work comp judge the next morning, and already scheduled for a hearing within a few weeks.

We believe in action and results, not memos.

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